4 Days in the Victore Studios + 4 Nights Dining with Samurai

We started The Dinner Series in the fall of 2011 with the intention of creating the craziest (and fun-est) party/workshop we could come up with. Three years and five Dinners later, we are still holding fast to that truth.

The Dinner Series is four days and nights chock-full of creation, communion, deep thought, and play. An intense and intimate mastery program for conscious creatives who are ready to see and be seen.

Days in the Studio

We spend our studio time working through big ideas, manipulating clichés, and searching for deeper meaning. The focus is not how to “design,” but how to think. How to seek the truth in our images, in our work and in ourselves. And how to have an opinion and use it to make work that is sticky, ripe with meaning, and capable of changing the world.

We question how we work and why we work — discussing what it actually means to be “successful.” We talk about the importance of being open to new possibilities — helping each other, and learning from each other.

Nightly Dinners

As a studio, we are keenly aware of the liberating power of breaking bread, engaging in good conversation, and encouraging the expansion of our circle of friends. During the Dinner Series this is exactly what we try to emulate for our guests. We all take a moment to dress it up, meet an amazing stranger, and delight in the blissful sensory experience of really fresh, really good food. Oh, and don’t forget the bubbly.

There is something magical that happens when we step outside of the studio and into the realm of the muse (i.e. Dinner). Our shoulders relax, our laughter comes out of hiding, jokes and stories start getting told, and all of the sudden — Bam! We free ourselves up to ground-breaking genius.

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love + praise
“The James Victore Dinner Series is like summer camp with better food and better people. I loved the conversation, the venue, and the raw fun energy he’s able to bring together. It was an honor to dine with him and his motley crew.”
Baratunde Thurston, Co-Founder and CEO, Cultivated Wit; Author, How To Be Black
“ It was more than I hoped it would be. You are all amazing.” A.G., Texas
“ The level of Passion this past week — it was incredible and addictive to be around.” O.R., New York
“ I’m having withdrawal symptoms.” E.H., North Carolina
“ When all was settled down yesterday evening, my wife looked at me and said, ‘You’re different. You’re happy.’ I swear I teared up there and then… And I thank you for changing my future.” J.N., Washington
“ I feel intoxicated from all the creative energy, passion and courage that was summoned everyday in Victore’s home. It was a privilege to fail successfully and repeatedly with all of you and definitely left hungry for more!” J.Z., Colombia
“ Wow. You f-ing did it! There was a vibe last night I rarely get to experience. Everyone was psyched to have participated in the first of what is clearly something special … meant to grow and to be culturally impactful.” H.C., New York
“ What I signed up for was the chance to grab dinner with some incredible creatives in a small group, and learn about some of Victore’s work, which I’ve admired for years. What I got was four days of learning how to tell the fucking truth, and four of the best consecutive dinners of my life. Seriously, the food was insanely good and the guests were cool as hell, especially considering many of them are freaking luminaries. I’m not a designer and because of the dinner series I’m now a better designer than all of you.” N.B., San Francisco, CA
“ …The Dinner Series took a mirror to my reasons and ways and led me to the walls behind walls I’ve put in my own way. To knock them down, dance around them or make like they aren’t there at all. Best of all, it summoned the courage to do so with good cheer, hearty meals and the rarefied wisdom of talented and ambitious company. I left galvanized, with new friends and the voice in my head making a list of demands of myself and my world, saying ‘howdy’ and air boxing a whole heap. I haven’t thrown a punch since breakfast.” M.H., Brooklyn, NY