about our Creativelive class

An empowered designer is a truly creative designer. Let designer, author, artist, and activist, James Victore show you how to trust your instinct and embrace imperfection in Bold & Fearless Poster Design. When you follow the trends your ideas stagnate and you don’t create the kind of memorable pieces that get you noticed. Victore knows the anecdote to that creative rut. Victore has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and is represented in the permanent collections of museums worldwide. His commercial work continues to wow by being sexy, strong, and memorable.

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about our Skillshare class

To be radical is to set yourself apart — to reject all the rules. Legendary designer James Victore shows us how to distill our most passionate ideas to a typography-based poster that represents our voices to the world. It’s an hour where we’ll disregard the rules, pay homage to iconic misfits and artists, discover James’s favorite tools, and find freedom in graphic play. What do you have to say?

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“Nobody cares what it looks like if what you say is dumb.”
James Victore
raving reviews
“ Great class! James Victore is very inspiring, he pushes you to step outside your comfort zone — and for good reason. He urges you to forget about the rules, forget about what’s taught, forget about mass media. This class gives you something to think about.” Trish D.
“ Highly excellent! The course gives a practical look at how James makes some of his work, but in a way that encourages you to get weird and be yourself in your work, not emulate his. Realizing that constantly “playing” needs to be part of my process is one of the biggest things that will stick with me.” Ryan D.
“ James Victore gives great insight to his process. There are historical references, and excellent suggestions for tools and surfaces. Most importantly, the student is encouraged to let loose, and PLAY. As a designer I’m always working with grids and checking kerning and leading and this class was a great way to get away from those restrictions and just make marks.” Lara M.