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James speaks to audiences worldwide about his experiences in business, design, and what it takes to make work that matters and lead a creative life. His talks are inspiring, entertaining, highly educational, and carry huge impact.

As a designer, James has traveled the world over, seen his posters hanging on the wall at the MoMA, raced motocross, dined with giants, surfed with farmers, voiced his opinion, and has crazy stories to tell about wild failures and beautiful successes.

His talks are replete with humor, sex appeal, truth, provocation and motivation. James teaches audiences about why it’s important to love what you do; why having a life filled with purpose matters both to you and your bottom line; why trust wins; why authenticity speaks louder than advertising; and why your personal greatness is the best gift you can give to the world. James helps people find their voice and reclaim freedom in their work and life.

book james to speak

The stage is where James really shines. Whether you have a room of college students ready to be set on fire or a group of corporate influencers ready to be influenced, James has talks guaranteed to educate, entertain and enlighten. A few of James’ speaking subjects are:

  • How Not To Become A Zombie: Understanding the cliché in pop culture in order to avoid it in the self and business.
  • In the Particular Lies the Universal: How one person with an opinion can change the world.
  • Your Work Is a Gift: Living your life on your own terms and carving out the personal space necessary for fulfillment and to make work that matters.

Book James to speak. He’ll bring the fire.

“James sees, shares, and understands peoples’ potential — and helps you build upon it; there’s nothing quite like it.”
Scott Belsky, Behance and 99U
“ We brought in James as the closing keynoter at our annual Titan Summit. He was such a pleasure to work with. And he rocked the house!” Robin Sharma,
“ James Victore is a man of action. He believes that knowing about jazz and wine and auto-racing can make you a better designer. That graphic design is about experiences and stories and using your hands. That the best designs punch you in the gut — or, at the very least, stop you in your tracks.” Jocelyn Glei, 99U
“His provocative style extends from his own work to how he encourages others.” Karen Day, CoolHunting
“ Guns blazing, James Victore speaks with audacity, candor, and unmatched intensity. His lectures abruptly inspire, offering not a passive call-to-action but a demand for change, promising to light a fire — not only in your heart, but also under your ass.” Jenny Venn, Asst. Prof. of Art, Graphic Design, Univ. of Wyoming
“ James Victore tells it like he sees it, bringing his highly acclaimed art to life with compelling comments, lively stories and insightful experiences. His wit and wisdom are amazing.”  Gemma Gatti, CEO Portfolio Center
book james to speak