With the help of Mailchimp we bring you live events about work, life and bucking the status quo. Reclaim your creative freedom and access a higher level of badass-dom.

Take This Job & Love It is the convergence of design and creative arts, personal development and social impact. It’s a place to reignite the passion in both your business and your life — to dig deep into to the fire that made you want to be a creator and fan those flames. TTJALI stokes your creative courage and helps you work through the hard questions on your path to personal greatness.

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who its for

Designers, writers, artists, small-business owners, educators, anyone who wants to learn how to light up your career, harness your power and make a positive difference in the world — this is for you!

James Victore. Totally live. Speaking the truth.

What you learn
  • The value of your opinion and it’s place in your work
  • How to have confidence while living with fear and self-doubt
  • Feck Perfuction: How perfection kills creativity
  • How to cultivate your unique voice and vision
  • How to develop relentless authenticity and creative courage
  • How to live with purpose
  • The importance of play in your work and life
  • How to access radical freedom
  • The value of being unreasonable
  • How to accept responsibility for your awesomeness